Reconnecting with Your Inner Child: Exploring the Depths Within

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child: Exploring the Depths Within, I invites you to delve into the recesses of your soul and rekindle the essence of your authentic self.

Join me on this transformative voyage as we uncover the wisdom, innocence, and boundless creativity that reside within each of us.

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child: Exploring the Depths Within
Reconnecting with Your Inner Child: Exploring the Depths Within

Your Inner Child: For any of you who haven’t come across the concept of the inner child, your inner child is that beautiful, innocent, intuitive, fun-filled, little being part of you that just wants to create, play, and use their imaginations.

Its that part of us that reminds us to have fun, not take things so seriously, lighten up a little, and splash into mud puddles. Their job is to play!

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child: Exploring the Depths Within
Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

Yet somewhere along the way, they end up feeling as if they need to be the adult because they feel unheard, left out, scared, abandoned, isolated, and lonely.


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Because they have no one telling them that they are okay.

They don’t have anyone to remind them that they are children and that children play.

Children get dirty; they don’t have to worry about things that adults worry about. Because some adults are unaware of this, the children are the ones who think they are the adults.

Many trace the concept of an inner child to psychiatrist Carl Jung, who described a child archetype in his work. He linked this internal child to past experiences and memories of innocence, playfulness, and creativity, along with hope for the future.

But inner child it’s also the part of us that is unhealed from emotional wounds and traumas caused in our childhood.

We all have them. Nobody caused them on purpose. Even if you had the worst parents in the world, no one said, “I am going to have kids to abuse, hurt, and wound.”

When we are children we used to believe that the adults around us have all the answers. The truth is that most adults, no matter how good of a parent they are, are operating from their child as well.

When referring to our inner child, it is important to not leave them wounded, hurt, or injured. It’s important to acknowledge that this is not who they are.

This is the way they are feeling from years of not being validated, seen, or heard.

Those children, because of events in their lives, feel as though they must be adults before they are actually adults.

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child: Exploring the Depths Within
Exploring the Depths Within

We are all kids in big bodies trying to assimilate into the world of adulthood with the emotional, mental, and cognitive ability of a child. This leads to “Adult” temper tantrums, feelings of inadequacy, and general insecurity in our lives or our jobs . This translates into poor decisions and repeating negative patterns, and can often lead to addictions. Why?

 Because our adult has no idea this is even happening. Our adult has been busy doing adult things, but not handling adult emotions.

Our inner children have a place within us. To laugh, play, inspire us with their creativity, fill us with their joy and laughter. They help us find balance in an often too uptight adult world. Without them there would be no silliness, laughter, creativity, and fun in our lives.

 With that being said, they need to be listened to, loved, validated, heard, nurtured, and let go to fill the role of the child. When they are not in their role, they are in the adult role.

As adults, we have no idea that we have inner children and they are the ones running our adult life. They are making decisions that children have no business making and reacting to most situations like a child.

Our adult self on the other hand, goes on with day-to-day living, surviving, just getting by, thinking we are in control when it’s our child who actually is. Our actions toward others, our feelings about ourselves, and our views on the world show otherwise.

Understanding the inner child is the key to understanding our difficulties with relationships (personal and work), addictions, anger, jealousy, fears, ego traps, sabotaging and self-defeating behavior, etc.

Too often we allow our children to make the decisions that need to be made by our “adult” selves.

Why? Because we have no idea that this is happening.

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Have you ever considered that giving could be your key to unlocking abundance in your life? It’s a remarkable concept – what you give has the potential to return to you, often multiplied.

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